Beulah is an agricultural community in the heart of the Barley Belt. The town stands on what was a sheep station. It was founded by early pastoralists who were following the Yarriambiack Creek. The creek itself flows through the town, and has walking tracks, picnic and camping areas along its banks. Boating is permitted on the creek.

Some historic buildings still remain standing, like the railway station (above). Beulah also has many murals depicting its heritage scattered around the area. A tour booklet can be found here: Mural booklet


Student accommodation provided by the hospital is available on a first come, first served basis. Warracknabeal provides free accommodation to students, with breakfast and one meal on a shift included.

Contact the hospital directly for accommodation bookings. Beulah hospital is part of the Rural Northwest Health Service. See for contact details.

Alternative options:

Warracknabeal: see

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Yarriambiak Council information:


going rural health support

You may be eligible for Going Rural Health financial assistance to support a placement in Beulah. Please visit the Student Support Scheme page for more details HERE.



General enquiries:

Phone: (03) 8344 6791



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