Resources for Clinical Supervisors

Your skills and expertise are an integral part of how students will experience their clinical placement; what they will learn, how they will apply their learnings, how they will interact with their colleagues, patients and other staff within the organisations.

Sometimes new challenges will present themselves when you least expect it.  Being able to prepare yourself for these situations, and to have others who can support you in your role is essential.

Perhaps you would like to connect with other clinical supervisors, join a mentoring program, link into some simulation training or even look into some opportunities in participating in research.

We have dedicated a section of our website just for clinical supervisors such as yourself.

Below we have a range of topics to help you in your role of supervising.

We would like to thank you for the important role you play in helping develop our future health workforce.

If there is anything in particular you are looking for and can’t find, or if you are aware of other resources not listed below and would like to
share them with other clinical supervisors, please send an email to Keryn Bolte (email

Clinical Supervision Training & Support

Supervision can be a challenging role as you oversee so many different skill sets, learning styles, personalities and individual patient (staff!) requirements.  Not to mention the pressure of being a role model & mentor to students and junior staff.

We recognise that your role is not an easy one, and there are times where you may need some extra assistance in particular area’s such as having difficult conversations, identifying any student problems early on or further developing clinical skills.  Or perhaps you may just wish to do some research on how you may be able to better support students coming on placement in your organisation.

We have brought together a whole range of resources in one place for you to access further supervision training and support.

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Research Opportunities

So you’re thinking about conducting a research project but you don’t know where to begin? Well let us direct you to RHAN. Designed to support the novice through to expert researcher, RHAN can provide guidance, education and links to research tools and staff to set you on your research path.

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Developing the capacity of local clinical educators and placement supervisors to deliver future Simulated Learning Education (SLE) training to students as part of the clinical placement experience; and providing for ongoing maintenance and management of existing simulation resources.

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Supervisor Mentoring

This informal group provides an opportunity for student supervisors to liaise across multiple sites with any of their issues relating to student support and education through sharing experiences & innovative ideas. It can be a chance to debrief, seek out tips and tricks in facilitation, how to set up a positive learning environment, how to provide feedback (to both students and staff) or simply to share information about a particular project.

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Job Vacancies

Promoting local rural health job vacancies.

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