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NIGEL Series

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New Interdisciplinary Graduate Education & Learning (NIGEL) Series


Welcome to Going Rural Health’s New Interdisciplinary Graduate Education & Learning (NIGEL) Series. The series was created in response to identified learning needs provided by our rural stakeholders.

The NIGEL series covers a number of topics that are especially useful to new graduate health professionals, including those encompassing the  transferable skills that are so essential  when working in healthcare.

The series has been converted to an online format to enable health professionals to access the content at a time that fits in with their busy schedules.


Course completion:

Please click on ‘complete’ at the bottom of each lesson, to monitor your progress through the course. Quizzes for each section must be passed for successful completion of the course. A course certificate will be automatically generated on successful course completion.



Images in this course are courtesy of Unsplash or Pixabay, unless labelled otherwise. These Unsplash & Pixabay images require no attribution.

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Clinical Biochemist/Medical Scientist and Teacher.

Trish is the main point of contact in Ballarat, managing the relationships with all our students, supervisors, staff, health services and local universities in the Ballarat/Grampians region. She also delivers education, provides mentoring assistance if required, organises student events and supports rural engagement and orientation.