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Social Media Posting For Health Professionals

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Social Media Posting: Implications for Health Professionals and Students

The use of social media has been part of main stream life for two decades or more and its uses and applications in healthcare are diverse and in some cases extraordinarily creative and ingenious.  But for most of us social media is nothing more than a  set of platforms that allow us to express our thoughts, seek information and enhance our connection to the wider world.  Social media can be an invaluable tool when used carefully and in accordance with well-considered guidelines.  It can also be a world of risk where circumstances challenge our boundaries between the personal and the professional and  in extreme situations threaten our careers.

This short page is designed to explore the uses and misuses of social media from a health professional’s perspective for the purpose of developing safer use.


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Trish Thorpe
Clinical Biochemist/Medical Scientist and Teacher. Trish is the main point of contact in Ballarat, managing the relationships with all our students, supervisors, staff, health services and local universities in the Ballarat/Grampians region. She also delivers some education, provides mentoring support if required, organises student events and helps with rural engagement and orientation.