About the Course

CREST is a series of modules developed in collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Victoria University.

The modules are designed to help health care practitioners communicate more effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people.

Each CREST module is delivered face-to-face within a two-hour period. Participants will receive simulation training and feedback on their interactions with CALD and Indigenous ‘patients’.

The Modules:                             

Participants must first complete Module 1: Introduction to Cultural Diversity. This module explores the interaction between culture and health and provides a grounding and understanding on culturally sensitive communication.

You may then complete one or more of the following stand-alone modules:

Module 2: Negotiating between different health beliefs

Module 3: Effective communication when English proficiency is low

Module 4: Communicating culturally sensitive issues

Module 5: Communication and Indigenous healthcare

Modules 2-5 explore the interaction between culture, life experiences and health seeking behaviours; culturally sensitive factors that contribute to health inequalities; and the principles of effective communication and patient engagement. They provide communication and negotiation strategies and opportunities for participants to practise new skills.

Who Should Participate?

The modules are suitable for anyone who engages with or will be engaging with people from different cultural backgrounds, and is interested in improving their communication and negotiation skills.

  • Practising health professionals such as general practitioners*, nurses**, pharmacists, physiotherapists and social workers.
  • Health professional course convenors in universities,colleges and other training agencies
  • Professional educators and trainers
  • Students

*Each face-to-face module is approved for 4 Category 2 QI & CPD program points from the Royal College of General Practitioners.

**Online modules are endorsed by the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association. Completion of the five online modules entitles eligible participants to claim 5 CPD hours