Euroa is located at the foot of the Strathbogie Ranges, half-way between Benalla and Seymour. The town’s name is thought to come from the term ‘Yera-o’ , meaning ‘joyful’ in the language of the Ngurelban first people.

The town is situated in a rich agricultural area, noted for wool and horses. As it is close to the Strathbogie Ranges, it is also a convenient base for exploring the natural beauty of that area – including creeks, waterfalls and drives through the mountain ranges.

The waterway Seven Creeks runs through the town centre, which has many trees, parkland and recreational and picnic facilities along its banks. There is also a miniature steam train operating in the parkland. A weir on Seven Creeks has formed a lake, which is popular for swimming.

Euroa bank was robbed by the infamous Ned Kelly and his gang in 1878. The town is part of the Ned Kelly touring route, and the Farmer’s Arms Hotel Museum houses the Kelly collection.


Please contact the health service directly for any accommodation they may have available for students – Euroa Health.

There are many other accommodation options in Euroa. See the following websites for more information.

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Health Service Information: Euroa Health.

going rural health support

You may be eligible for Going Rural Health financial assistance to support a placement in Euroa. Please visit the Student Support Scheme page for more details HERE.



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