Going Rural Health Quiz


GRH quiz

How much do you know about Going Rural Health? Let’s find out! NB Prizes to be won!
Who is the manager of the GRH program?
Who is the newest GRH team member, not including time as casual or contract supervisors?
What supports does GRH provide? Please select ALL correct responses.
True or False: GRH has staff located in Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton & Wangaratta.
True or False: GRH team member Rebecca Oates is a Speech Pathologist.
Who wrote GRH’s ‘Introduction to Rural Practice’ online course?
Which GRH team members started with the team as casual or contracted student supervisors?
Which online GRH course is written and facilitated by GRH team member Kylie Browne?
Which GRH team members are based in the Shepparton office? Please select ALL correct responses.
Which individuals partner with GRH to provide Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training? Please select ALL correct responses.
Which two GRH team members have been with GRH the longest?