GRH Website Easter Hunt Quiz


GRH Website Easter Hunt Quiz

How well do you know the Going Rural Health website? Want to win an Easter prize? Then answer the questions below!

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Do you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?
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Quiz questions

Where can you find out what financial assistance* is available from Going Rural Health for regional and rural placements? Please select the most correct response to get the highest score.
*Eligibility criteria applies.
Where does the University of Melbourne offer student accommodation*? Please select the INCORRECT response.
*subject to availability
For what allied health discipline has Going Rural Health (GRH) developed a longer-term immersive rural placement program?
The GRH website has a video of a lecture about the social determinants of Aboriginal health. Who presented this lecture?
What mental health supports are available to students on regional and rural placements?
How can you access all of Going Rural Health’s online courses?
Where can you find information on the GRH website about towns in GRH regions?
Selecting certain responses may attract more points.
Not including any on this page, how many Easter-themed images are hidden within the GRH website? The more you find, the higher your score!
Where can students attend free in-person Cultural Awareness training workshops sponsored by GRH?
What does RWAV stand for?
Which GRH social media accounts are currently linked to the GRH website?
What research projects are GRH involved in?
Most GRH team members are nursing or allied health professionals. What health professional discipline is Kim Giankos?
Who funds the GRH program?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.