Swan Song

my Final swan song

Reflection on my time with Going Rural Health



After 3 incredible years with the Going Rural Health team it is time to have my final swan song. Deciding on what to write in this blog has been a difficult decision but after reflection on my experiences I wanted to somehow share my feelings of incredible gratitude. Not only I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team, I have also been fortunate to work with the dedicated, motivated and passionate health clinicians within the region and I thank them for welcoming me into their worlds, both professionally and personally.


Last of all I would like to shout out to those students who have undertaken rural placements- although it takes many of them out of their comfort zone it continually inspires me to see them embrace the challenge and it has been personally rewarding when I have delivered an education session to them as a student and then a year later I meet them again as a practicing clinician. I encourage anyone, who hasn’t done so yet, to explore our website and listen to some of the students share their experience in the Real Talk episodes. https://goingruralhealth.com.au/rural-placement-videos/

To encapsulate my time I thought I would share some quotes that have meaning to me and I hope at times they may resonate with you.

This last quote by Albert Einstein is what I have hoped we have been able to achieve during the many sessions delivered by the education team – I thank all those who have actively participated in the sessions and particularly to those who have shown vulnerability when sharing their experiences.

I leave behind a fantastic team to explore other ventures and wish you all the very best.


Cathy O’Brien

Associate Lecturer, Rural Placement Education

Going Rural Health Shepparton

Medical Scientist