Tallangatta is a rural town in north-east Victoria, near Lake Hume, around 30km south-east of Wodonga.

It is known as ‘the town that moved’. In 1956, when the Hume Dam was expanded, the town of Tallangatta and its residents was relocated 8km west of the original town site. When the Hume Dam is low, some of the remains of the old town – ‘Old Tallangatta’ –  can still be seen.

Tallangatta is surrounded by agriculture and green fields. Much of the building has occurred since the 1970’s,  and there are no historic buildings. There was an extensive record taken of the old town before it was moved though, which can be seen in The Rural Water Corporation Collection at The State Library of Victoria.

These days tourists visit the town for Tallangatta Beach on the shores of Lake Hume. The area is popular for swimming, boating, waterskiing and fishing.


Please contact the health service directly for any accommodation they may have available for students: https://www.tallangattahealthservice.com.au/

There are many accommodation options in Tallangatta, from Cabins at the Caravan Park to reasonably priced hotels. See the following websites for more information.




Going Rural health support

You may be eligible for Going Rural Health financial assistance to support a placement in Tallangatta. Please visit the Student Support Scheme page for more details HERE.



For more information and general enquiries:

Phone: (03) 8344 6791

Email: going-ruralhealth@unimelb.edu.au


Thanks to Robert Merkel at  Wikimedia Commons for the use of pictures.