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‘zooming’ to nursing students in kosovo

An invitation to talk about my nursing career in Australia, & my role as an RFDS flight nurse


I was invited by a former university colleague to speak to the third year nursing students at the University of Pristina, in Kosovo.

There were approx 30 students online and I spoke about my career as a Registered Nurse and my time as a Flight Nurse with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).


The University of Pristina

By Bdx – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The students had no idea of what the RFDS does; Kosovo can take approx 1 hour to cross by car so there is no need for an aero-medical retrieval service (although it is a very mountainous region so maybe they have a helicopter for rescuing climbers!?)

The students were asking lots of questions about nursing in Australia, and also how we are coping with COVID-19.

Zoom wasn’t as interactive as I had hoped, but it was a real pleasure to speak with these students; maybe one day we might meet!

See the YouTube video below of my ‘claim to fame’ – a video I made about my role as a Flight Nurse with the RFDS.

Keryn Bolte

Student Placement Manager, Going Rural Health

Registered nurse and midwife