Technology in Healthcare

Technology in healthcare

How has technology changed healthcare, especially recently?


Being a hardcore AppleTM technology fan girl, I thought for this blog post it would be interesting to explore the topic of technology within healthcare. 


Encouraging the development of new technology in health care

The many pathways that bring technological advances to health care mean that certain environments favour the development of new technology in health care.

The Australian Digital Health Agency was formed in 2016 to lead the development of and implementation of new strategies within the Healthcare system.  The agency’s key goal is to make the Australian Health system safe, seamless and secure for its users.

Their strategy proposes seven priority outcomes to be achieved by 2022:

Image credit: © Australian Digital Health Agency

Some of the initiatives that we have seen so far include:

  1. My Health Record
  2. E-prescribing and medicines management
  3. Electronic referrals
  4. Tele-health appointments

Living in a rural area, I have had the fortune of availing myself of a few of these initiatives personally.  This has aided in work-life balance and improved health outcomes for my family where I haven’t had to travel to metropolitan centres for specialist consultations and take personal leave to attend these appointments.

In the age of our ‘COVID-Living’ normal, with these new emerging technological initiatives,  it has been a welcome addition to me personally and also professionally as a Registered Nurse seeing the impact technology has had on both my patient’s and my own personal life.

Kylie Browne

Associate Lecturer, Rural Placement Education

Going Rural Health Shepparton

Registered Nurse