Several Teddy Bear Hospital events are run throughout our footprint, and are pleased to invite Allied Health and Nursing students to participate.

As dates become available, these will be published in our events section.

Generally held in the morning at a local primary school, you will join our 3rd Year ERC Medical Students as they take Prep aged children (and their teddy bears!) through various area’s of health in a fun and educational format.

The core aim of the Teddy Bear Hospital is to familiarise children to health care environments and medical treatments in a fun and interactive way. The Teddy Bear Hospital hopes to overcome any fears or anxieties children may hold concerning the hospital environment and health professionals as well as aiming to educate children in understanding how their body works in order to promote healthy behaviors including healthy eating and exercise. The Teddy Bear Hospital program also plays a pivotal role for future young doctors in developing the unique interactive skills, which are required to interact and engage successfully with children.

These objectives are achieved through a mock medical consultation scenario in which children (acting as dotting parents), bring their beloved teddy bear or soft toy to the Teddy Bear Hospital for a check-up!

The Teddy Bear Hospital also run a similar program on Good Friday in Melbourne with thousands of children bringing their teddy bears for a check-up.  Additionally the program is run within kindergartens and primary schools across the state and at numerous local community events.

Some of the station activities that would be run (depending on the number of primary and health students involved etc.) could include:

  • Medical consult – a one-on-one consultation with an expert Teddy Bear Doctor! Stethoscopes, say “Ahhhhh” icey-pole sticks, bandages, band-aids & medicine provided!
  • Surgical bear – guided by a skilled Teddy Bear Surgeon, children assist in the surgical exploration of the giant teddy bear’s tummy! Often retrieving many different body organs!
  • Anatomy aprons – whereby using sticky-felt body organs, children learn about the body’s anatomy!
  • Education sessions on Healthy eating & promoting exercise!
  • Children also receive a medical record for their Teddy Bear, which is personalised by their Teddy Bear Doctor and to acknowledge their participation!

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