Going Rural Health is an initiative run by The University of Melbourne Department of Rural Health (UDRH)

Through funding from the Australian Government Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program, our programs have been developed to support students enrolled in a nationally recognised nursing, allied health or other health science undergraduate or postgraduate degree at any Australian University.* (Financial support is subject to eligibility)

Our team actively works with health services and education providers, along with students directly to assist and improve the learning and experiences that students gain during their clinical placement.

All of our programs and initiatives are funded by the Commonwealth to support our future rural health workforce. We have teams located in Shepparton, Wangaratta and Ballarat. 


In 2022 we

Some of the ways we are assist are:

  • Supported accommodation
  • Information on other local accommodation options for students
  • Student supervisor support & training
  • Financial assistance through student support schemes
  • Training in Cultural Competency in Aboriginal Health
  • Online Introduction to Rural Health Training

All programs are evaluated at the end of the placement and are reported back to the Australian Government as part of our funding arrangement.  The evaluations provide valuable information on how we can help improve clinical placements in our region and also provide valuable feedback to the health services and education providers.