Welcome to Going Rural Health’s online course in Resilience, Wellbeing and Self-Care. This program has been developed to help participants reflect on the notion of self-care and, through careful thought management, learn about ways of thinking and acting that are “kinder to self”.

The online modules:

  • Provide opportunities to reflect on the circumstances that can make working in rural health challenging and how these challenges may affect a health professional’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Discuss the benefits to be gained from Acceptance and Commitment Training principles of mindfulness, acceptance and values based action.

There are exercises and small quizzes to work through and its hoped participants will learn new and better ways to manage difficult emotions and experiences that show up in our workplaces from time to time.  At completion a certificate will be issued to you.

We hope you enjoy this Resilience, Wellbeing and Self-Care online course.

Please click on the link below to self register for this training. 

If you have any questions or queries about this training please email going-ruralhealth@unimelb.edu.au

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