What is the survey about?

This study is being conducted by The University of Melbourne’s Department of Rural Health.  This is one of close to twenty University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) across Australia.  These departments have been funded to provide opportunities for students in nursing and allied health to develop their skills by promoting rural health placements.  As part of this funding, evaluation of these placements is necessary.  The perspective of student supervisors and placement support staff is also useful as part of this evaluation.

Your responses will assist in providing positive rural placements for health students in the future. This data may also be used for presentations, posters and publications.

The Plain Language Statement for the survey is available to view here. Please take the time to read this statement, which outlines why the survey has been created, as well as how the data will be used:

PLEASE NOTE: Data collection for this project has been paused, due to routine ethics approval updating processes. It will be available again shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.