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Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback

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What is feedback?


There is no definition that is universally accepted.

A large scale, mixed methods study was performed to identify what makes effective feedback.

Monash, Deakin and Melbourne Universities all participated in the project.

(Support for the project was provided by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.)

This is the definition that was decided upon as a result of the study.

“Feedback is a process in which learners make sense of information about their performance and use it to enhance the quality of their work or learning strategies”

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Kylie has worked as a nurse for around 20 years, and as an educator for much of that time.
Originally from South Australia, she worked at the University of South Australia, and moved to Shepparton 7 years ago, where she worked at GV Health in an educator role for the last 4 years. Kylie is now based with our Shepparton team to provide education to our health service partners.