Welcome. We invite you to work your way through our online Introduction to Rural Practice course.

The program has been developed to help you to understand how working in a rural health setting can be different from urban health settings and what to look for on your rural health experience.

We have included the perspectives of numerous health professionals who live and work in rural Victoria so that you can hear about the challenges, successes and joys of rural health practice.

To access the course, you will need to register for the website (if you have not already), log into the website, and enrol in the course (click on ‘start now’). To ensure you can track your progression through the course, at the bottom of each page/lesson you complete, click on the ‘complete’ button. 

For successful course completion, and certificate generation, you must pass the quiz.

If you have any queries regarding the course, please contact going-ruralhealth@unimelb.edu.au