Yea is situated in an agricultural district between Seymour and Alexandra. The township was originally called Muddy Creek, but was renamed Yea after Colonel Lacy Yea, who was killed in the Crimean War.

The Yea River flows around the edge of the town centre, and the Yea wetlands has been developed in an area beside the river, around a group of small lakes. There is a network of walking tracks, boardwalks and bridges to explore within the wetlands.

It was originally a gold mining area, and there are still many historic buildings standing from that time.

The historic Cheviot Tunnel is situated roughly half way between the towns of Yea and Molesworth on the Great Victorian Rail Trail. The tunnel is a key feature of the Tallarook to Mansfield Rail Line which operated between 1883 and 1970 and is now open to walkers, cyclists and horse riding enthusiasts. It was constructed to pass trains across the Black Range at McLoughlin’s Gap, and built from an estimated 675,000 handmade bricks using local clay.


Please contact the health service directly for any accommodation they may have available for students – Yea Hospital.

There are many other accommodation options in Yea, from Caravan Parks to reasonably priced hotels. See the following websites for more information.

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The following websites provide a little more information about the Yea township and region:


Health Service Information: Yea Hospital.

going rural health support

You may be eligible for Going Rural Health financial assistance to support a placement in Yea. Please visit the Student Support Scheme page for more details HERE.



For more information and general enquiries:

Phone: (03) 8344 6791



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